MySQL Conference & Expo

Santa Clara, CA – April 23 – 26 — Four Js continues its investment in MySQL by sponsoring its annual Conference for the third year running. More than 2,000 developers and database administrators (DBAs) swelled the exhibition halls and conference center to feverishly improve their knowledge and learn about future plans.

Conference delegates represented a broad cross-section of industries including many Fortune 100 accounts and University organisations. Interest was keen for Genero Studio and several educational entities expressed an interest in teaching the language.

“This is our third year at the Conference and each year it goes from strength to strength,“ said Philippe Wagner, Four Js VP Marketing, USA & Canada. “MySQL’s push to the enterprise combined with the depth of our installed base means there is a lot of synergy between both organizations.”

Four Js customers large and small have sought out MySQL due to its open source roots and solid commercial organisation. Four Js has supported the product for the last 8 years and has developed a close working relationship with its development teams.