Four Js Attends 10th Annual XChange Solution Provider Conference

Breaks new ground with nation’s top VARs

New Orleans, LA, Feb 26 – Mar 1, 2005 – Four Js knows VARs; that’s why it built its business model around a successful worldwide channel. Now it wants to grow that channel by spreading the word beyond its natural boundaries and publisher CMP’s leading Solution Provider Conference proved an excellent stamping ground to do just that.

VARs bring diversity to Four Js revenues and that’s important if it is to protect itself from the potential collapse of any particular market – as any software vendor specializing on the ISP market several years ago will understand. By selling to a broad spectrum of industry verticals, Four Js garners stability making growth easier to achieve.

Four Js strategy is to instill loyalty with its existing partners and build on that by attracting new VARs to the fold.

For this reason, the XChange Conference was a pivotal event enabling Four Js to test its messages on an unsuspecting audience. It turned out to be a very successful one too. Four Js demonstrated Genero’s benefits to an audience that sat through to the end of every presentation.

“We were surprised by the response to our invitations to the demo room,” declared Bryn Jenkins, COO Four Js Development Tools. “Within our own community we are well known, but we have little visibility with the VARs that attended this show. Over 150 companies registered for the demo and frankly we underestimated demand. Our messages about developer productivity and cost savings obviously struck a chord with decision makers. Next year we’ll need to order more cup cakes.”

CMP hand picks 200 of North America’s leading solution providers to exchange ideas and projects with technology vendors such as Four Js.