Briefing – Four Js invites you its UK customer event

Four Js invites you to particpate in its Genero presentation that will take place in London, 20 Red Lion Street on February 3rd, 2004.
Four Js will demonstrate how its new application development suite Genero can reduce development timescales by years, through a combination of intelligent use of mission critical 4GL business logic and a Rapid Application Development environment. This results in state-of-the-art GUI and Web capabilities, with seamless support of established and emerging standards such as Java, XML, DOM, SAX and Web Services.

With around 80% of IT projects running late in 2003, we will show how our customers, including Fujitsu, OCS Group, Northcliffe (Mail group of newspapers) and HSB Haughton are using Genero technology to complete software projects on time and under budget.

We will also focus on the immense cost savings afforded by our ground-breaking Open Database Interface. We will show how organisations such as Kuwait Petroleum, Bisley Office Equipment and OCS have saved literally thousands of pounds in support charges by migrating hitherto database specific, but mission critical applications to corporate standard databases such as Oracle, DB/2 and MS SQL Server, amongst others.