WWDC 19 – Olga Award Winners

This year’s winners:

Snorri Bergmann, IT EHF
seen here during WWDC 18

Neil Martin
Systems Engineer Four Js UK
receiving Snorri’s award

Best Developer – Snorri Bergmann, IT EHF

What tipped the balance in Snorri’s favor for ‘Best Developer’ was his significant contribution to the Early Access Program over the last 15 years and in particular to version 3.20. He has also been an important contributor to the other forums over those years too. Snorri is naturally curious and always takes an interest in new language and GUI features.

His Icelandic origins make him the most northernly Genero developer in the world. Perhaps it is this geographic isolation that makes him so naturally inquisitive.

Unable to attend this year, his award was received by Neil Martin from Four Js UK.

Scott Findlay, Four Js VP APAC
receiving Civica’s award

Best Innovation ISV – Sam Hatzi and Peter Murphy, CIVICA EDUCATION

The ‘Best Innovation for an Independent Software Vendor’ award goes to CIVICA EDUCATION, Australia and their Maximise team led by Sam Hatzi and Peter Murphy. Their combined Education and Finance project unites two disparate software systems through the astute use of Genero Browser Client.

They are expert proponents of Genero Browser Client and their screens are used in our marketing collateral as best practise examples of what can be achieved. As well as investing in GBC – including the customisation work to produce the common look and feel between two completely disparate systems – they are also keen consumers of new Genero BDL features such as Multiple Dialogs.

Scott Findlay, VP Asia Pacific accepted the award on behalf of Sam and Peter.

Felipe Cauduro,
Development Mgr. Tramontina
receiving the award

Best Innovation Enterprise – Felipe Cauduro, Development Manager, Tramontina

The ‘Best Innovation for an Enterprise’ award goes to Tramontina, a household name in kitchenware distributed throughout the world with over 8,000 employees and close to $1bn in revenues.

Tramontina bucked the trend over 15 years ago when it made a strategic decision not to follow the crowd buying-in SAP. Instead, they built their own ERP system in-house and tailor-made it to fit their business like a glove. That decision saved Tramontina tens of millions of dollars making them today masters of their destiny and a technology leader in their field. Tramontina automated, controlled and secured all of their operations with Genero Enterprise, including: accounting, sales and production control.

Tramontina was founded in 1911 by Valentin Tramontina, the son of Italian immigrants from the village of Poffabro, Frisanco, in the Friuli region of north east Italy. The current president is the entrepreneur Clovis Tramontina.

Today Tramontina is one of the most important companies of southern Brazil, having ten factory plants around Brazil, eight in Rio Grande do Sul, in the cities of Carlos Barbosa, Farroupilha, and Garibaldi, one in Belém, Pará, and the other in Recife, Pernambuco.

Eugene Diana
Myers Inc.

Francesc Villaubi
Efficens Way

Kevin Long, Huy Ho
Versaterm Inc.

Most Distinguished Contributions

The Four Js Awards Academy bestowed the highest possible recognition available to conference contributors with the ‘Most Distinguished Contributor’ award.

Eugene Diana of Myers Inc., Kevin Long and Huy Ho of Verstaterm Inc. and Francesc Villaubi of Efficens Way all received a bottle of high-quality tequila for their most valuable contribution to the Customer Experience plenary session.

Each partner presented a sample of their innovative applications, the challenges they encountered and how they overcame them. This is the first time in WWDC history that three such awards were granted in the same year.

The audience was deeply impressed with what they saw: an integrated mobile flower delivery service (Efficens Way), an industry first ‘on-the-beat’ mobile crime reporting system for the police (Versaterm) and a television broadcasting system used in over 140 stations across the USA (Myers).

The awards were presented by Reuben Barclay, Developer Relations Manager, Four Js APAC, who wasted no time in expressing his view on the tequila he had chosen: ‘Quite simply the best tequila I have tasted this month!’

The tequila he chose – Meastro Dobel Diamante – is the world’s first clear multi-aged tequila. It is a rule defying blend of Extra-Añejo, Añejo and Reposado Tequila, aged in the finest European oak barrels and double filtered to produce a crystal clear spirit.

Romina Infante
WWDC 2019 Event Planner
holding this year’s iteration
of the ‘Spirit of Simplicity’ award

Olga Evolves (Again)

WWDC 2019 sees the introduction of a revised ‘Spirit of Simplicity’ – more affectionately known as the ‘Olga’. Olga still dominates the world on which she stands, reaching out and selflessly praying to the ‘Gods of Common Sense’ to awake humanity from its spell of decision-making based on fiction and emotion rather than fact. In this iteration, Olga evolves from her pewter finish to a fine patina symbolizing the lost Incan gold of the mountains of Equador.

Romina Infante stood in for Olga Koneva-Shchekleina to present the awards.