Genero Mobile

Florist Deliveries


Navarro Florista, the best-known florist in Barcelona, has just streamlined its business processes with an integrated solution developed in Genero. Flores Navarro provides personal delivery, 24/7 operations and a ‘not to exceed’ 4-hour delivery guarantee.

After decades of working with traditional flower shop operations, Flores Navarro realized that the world was changing fast and that their business operations needed to follow suit if they were to survive.

With this new system, most orders now arrive via the Web – no need to explain the benefits of that during a worldwide pandemic and the confinement on commerce it imposes.

Volumes have increased since the introduction of the app, meaning every process needed to be far more tightly integrated if they were to keep track of orderes. For instance, the web site imposes new business rules such as “orders can’t be delivered before or after a customer selected time” – otherwise the recipient may not be there to receive his or her flowers. And customers want reassuring.

They want to be able to follow orders through to delivery. This requires tight management, rapid flower preparation and short-delivery turnaround times if the business is to scale.

The use of Genero Mobile simplified Flores’ day-to-day operations in a way she never imagined.