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COVID-19 Real-time patient status


Mexico has become the country with the third highest coronavirus death toll, with only the US and Brazil recording greater numbers. As of this date it has suffered at least 57,774 deaths during the pandemic, with a total of 531,239 infections.

Given the magnitude of the tragedy, hospital lobbies are unable to cope with friends and families seeking news about their loved ones. Not only is it a problem of space and organization, but it is also a problem of further contagion.

Real-time patient status

Four Js’ close relationship with Mexican health services through its more than twenty-year relationship with the Institute of Social Security Services for Civil Servants (ISSSTE) gave it the legitimacy to propose a solution. Its intimate system knowledge meant that it could develop a mobile application to alleviate congestion in hospital lobbies quickly. The application would publish patient status in real-time over the Internet.


But the decision to go with Genero was not ISSSTE’s first reflex. The IT team had resisted the idea of such a project as they had been advised it was a two to three months development effort with tools such as Java.

Five days

That’s when Four Js stepped in to reassure ISSSTE’s CIO of a rapid delivery. Given the national urgency, the go-ahead was quickly approved to develop the app in Genero. Development took just two days with a further three days of testing. Such are the ‘Low-Code’ benefits of Genero. The application is deployed on iOS and Android.