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New Version (O/S, Database) Support

Will my version of Genero be supported on this new database version ? 

Will my version of Genero be supported on this new O/S version?   

Whenever there is a new version of a database or an operating system on the horizon we get asked if these will be supported by Genero.

Sometimes this question will get asked with respect to an older version of Genero.  Stripped down, this question effectively becomes that you are asking if a version of Genero that we might have been released a number of  years ago will work with an operating system or database that is yet to be released !

We do participate in EAP’s etc and try to get in a state so that when a new version of an operating system or database is released, that we can put it in our labs, build the current version of Genero on it, and run our QA tests.  If these pass we can add it to our supported systems documentation.  If any changes at our end are necessary then these may need to be incorporated into the next maintenance release of the current version.

This development work will be prioritised for the current Genero release.  There is no guarantee that this will be repeated for earlier Genero releases, particularly if there are changes required at our end.  You can see this by examining the supported systems documentation for the latest release (at time of writing 4.00) and the oldest support release (at the time of writing 3.10).  Particular in the database entries, for example PostgreSQL stops at version 10 for Genero 3.10 whilst Genero 4.00 supports PostgreSQL 11 thru 14.  The work has not been done to Genero 3.10 to support newer releases of PostgreSQL.

If a Genero 3.10 user said they wanted to upgrade to PostgreSQL 14, they would also have to upgrade to Genero 4.00.

Final point I will make here, if you are prepared to do the QA work to upgrade operating system, and/or database, then you should also be prepared to do the equivalent work to upgrade your Genero version.  I am always amazed at those who seemed to think a Genero version upgrade is more difficult than a database or O/S upgrade and would like to know the reasons behind the reluctance.