South Australian Education Heads To The Cloud with 62M USD Award to Civica Education

Sydney, Australia – January 15, 2019 — The South Australian Education department has chosen Civica Education to deploy a new digital schools management solution across the state’s 900-plus public schools.  A 10-year agreement will see Civica Education Suite (CES) introduced to all government pre-schools, primary schools and high schools, as well as other educational institutions. The Finance and Billing modules were developed with Genero Enterprise.

Steve Bayliss
CIO South Aus. Education

The system will provide a comprehensive suite of features to streamline school management tasks and provide teachers a powerful tool to personalise learning that will report on each student’s progress. It will improve student outcomes and ease administrative pressures for teachers and workers in early childhood. We are pleased to partner with Civica to develop a platform that will modernise and transform school and pre-school operations.

Steve Bayliss,
Government of South Australia
Department for Education

Parent Portal

Another promised outcome is “a dedicated and secure parent portal” that will report on students’ progress and be accessible by parents and carers. “It will be an important enabler for school improvement and support our aspiration to become a world-class education system that ensures learning management is a priority,” Bayliss said.

This system will improve the education outcomes of students and families across South Australia. We look forward to our journey with the department where we can make a positive difference to students’ lives.

Simon Jones,
Managing Director,
Civica Education

Simon Jones
MD Civica Education

Personalising education for 185,000 students

Civica Education’s integrated Finance and Billing module is written in Genero and delivers a bespoke education solution that streamlines processes, provides pervasive access and enables 30,000 teachers to personalise student education.

The Cloud-based school management service will deliver school administration, finance, teaching, learning, scheduling, library management, and parent engagement tools including a community portal.

It is intended to track information on 185,000 students as they progress through their schooling and improve the analysis about an individual’s education needs.

About the Department for Education

The Public Education Advisory committee (PEAC) was formed in 2015 to ‘champion public education and provide advice to the minister’. Chaired by Professor Alan Reid AM, the committee membership includes members of the education, academic and business communities.

To fulfil its charter, the PEAC firstly needed a common understanding of the characteristics of public education and the Statement on Public Education in South Australia (PDF 886KB) was developed. This statement serves to:

  • help the community to recognise the unique characteristics of public education
  • contribute to the development of a common language and common understanding about the moral purpose of public education
  • assist in making policy and practice consistent with the key characteristics of public education.

About Civica Education

A complete cloud-hosted school management solution

Civica Education Suite brings together essential information management and teaching tools to provide the systems foundation that drives school improvement and efficiency.

CES is the latest web-based and Cloud-hosted school management solution for the smallest school of 20 students, to its largest customer of 1,600 schools – and everywhere in between. It provides anytime, anywhere access from all devices and is delivered from Civica’s secure Australian data centres.

Use of the system is simple for teachers, parents and students and this creates efficiencies for the school when it comes to collecting, managing and using data. Educational leaders are able to use analytics tools to interrogate the data captured, and in turn be sure that they are making data driven decisions for the students and their school.

Cloud solutions to fit every school

Civica Education’s SaaS solution reduces school infrastructure costs and provides a secure, resilient, scalable environment that it manages on the school’s behalf. This leaves teachers free to manage their organisation and deliver the best possible experience to the school community.