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Barcelona, Spain – December 3, 2019Flores Navarro, the best-known florist in Barcelona, has just streamlined its business processes with an integrated solution developed in Genero. Flores Navarro provides personal delivery, 24/7 operations and a ‘not to exceed’ 4-hour delivery guarantee.

This new system keeps me in complete control. What sounds like simple processes is in fact complex and extremely time-sensitive. I simply couldn’t grow my business without it.

Eva Navarro
Flores Navarro

After decades of working traditional flower shop operations, Flores Navarro realized that the world was changing fast and that their business operations needed to follow suit if they were to survive.

With this new system, most orders now arrive via the Web. That has provoked increased volumes, which meant that every process needed to be tightly integrated if they were to keep track. For instance, orders can’t be delivered before or after a customer selected time – otherwise the recipient may not be there to receive his or her flowers. And customers want reassuring. They want to be able to follow orders through to delivery. This requires tight management, rapid flower preparation and short-delivery turnaround times if the business is to scale.

It was important that the system allow us to quickly adapt our products and services – consumers have come to expect that from the Web. A good example is order tracking. These days consumers want to know the exact status of their order. That traceability is an important differentiator for me in the market. My customers can track precisely where their order is at any given time – and the mapping service that calculates the route, and geolocates the delivery van in real-time, is a real advantage.

The use of Genero Mobile simplified Flores’ day-to-day operations in a way she never imagined.

Wherever I am, I can access the system. We eliminated duplicate tasks and human error. Before we had to manually transfer information between disparate systems and that was fraught with problems. Now orders received from the Web store are automatically directed to the management system, meaning that flowers can be prepared immediately. The delivery staff is notified in less than 5 minutes of receiving an order, which allows them to plan their time with far greater efficiency.

Customers can even customize their order with a personalized card – a feature developed with Genero Report Writer.

An app that took just 3 weeks for us to create has transformed Flores Navaro’s business.

Francesc Vilaubi

Flores Navarro video

About Efficens

Efficens is an IT company with many years of experience in software development and system integration. Located in Barcelona with an international customer base, Efficens develops custom made ERP solutions that help enterprises keep pace in a world of constant change.

About Flores Navarro

Flores Navarro is passionate about flowers and gardening and has been so for more than 65 years. They are passionate about varieties, colors, aromas, bouquets, centerpieces, baskets, and red, white, yellow roses. This passion is inherited from their grandfather Constantino Navarro, a florist and gardener of great sensitivity. He is passing that passion down through the generations.

Known as the “Garden of the City”, Flores Navarro is a renowned florist. Thanks to Constantino’s dedication and tenacity, his art lives on.