CIO Insight 2005 Ixtapa

Club Med Ixtapa, México – November 17th -20th, 2005 — On the beatiful Mexican Riviera Four Js hosted it’s 2005 edition of the Latin American User and Partner Forum. Conference delegates learned first hand about Four Js 2006 business strategy and pondered industry trends in a relaxed idyllic setting.

“The real value of this event was the networking that took place between the regions top executives,” said David Salazar, VP Latin America. “They were able to discuss and exchange views regarding their immediate challenges in an informal setting.”

“By listening to how others with larger installations solved similar problems, helped reinforce my own ideas about how to approach things and even open up some that I had never thought of,” said Maximiliano Dann from DHL.

“There was an impressive concentration of useful information,” said Omar Garcia CIO of the Mexican Senate.

“As a leading ERP vendor in Brazil, I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my experience with my peers in other companies. It was really the outstanding element of the event. Seeing everyone involved in large successful projects was also very reassuring,” said Mr. Sadilmar Goularte from Logocenter.

Originally scheduled for October 20th in Cancun, the event very nearly didn’t take place as hurricane Wilma devastated the resort the day the conference was due to open. The entire event was reorganised in Ixtapa in the space of 3 weeks.

Congratulations to the Mexican Team!