Add Forms

The user interface of a generated program is based on the forms created for the program.

There are three types of generated forms: CRUD, Zoom, and Custom forms.

CRUD forms are used to Create, Read, Update, and Delete data from a database. CRUD forms are typical data input and browsing forms. One CRUD form can call another CRUD form or a Zoom form.
Zoom Form
A Zoom Form generates a form used to select a value from a list and return the value to the program. It is generally related to a CRUD form field to assist the user with completing the form data entry.

For example, a Zoom form could be created that displays a list of country codes from the country database table. When the user triggers the zoom action to occur, either by selecting the zoom icon on the Toolbar or from the zoom field, a list of country codes displays in a popup window. When a country code is chosen from the list, the zoom form closes and the value is populated in the corresponding field on the main form.

Custom Form
A Custom Form is a form for which the code remains free.
Examples of custom forms include:
  • A non-database form, such as a login form.
  • A database form with only a single operation, such as an insert-only form.
  • A form that serves as the user interface for JSON calls.