CRUD Form entity

A CRUD Form entity generates the user interface for the program. CRUD forms are used to Create, Read, Update, and Delete data from a database.

A CRUD form entity is represented as a 4fdm file which can be opened and edited in Form Designer.

When a CRUD form entity is implemented from the diagram (see Implement a form), the 4fdm file is created as well as the 4gl source files containing the program logic to access and manipulate the database tables contained in the form. See Understanding what gets generated for a list of the generated files.

Any changes to the CRUD form entity properties in the BA diagram or in the 4fdm file are included in the subsequent re-generating of the program code.

The generated code can be customized; see Adding custom code.


Properties can be set to specify how the form should behave during the various states (DISPLAY, MODIFY, ADD, SEARCH).

If your form has a relation on the BA diagram to a Report Data entity, additional actions are generated for the Toolbar and Topmenu to launch the report. The Report Option properties (seeTable 1) are used to define which report actions should be generated.

This feature is not supported on mobile platforms.

Table 1. Report Option Properties
Property Description
quickPrint Defines if print action is available.
quickPreview Defines if a preview action is available. When implemented, a Preview button is placed on the form. If the application is running in the Genero Desktop Client (GDC), the report is previewed in the Genero Report Viewer (GRV). If the application is running in the Genero Browser Client (GBC), the report is previewed in the Genero Report Viewer for HTML5 (GRV for HTML5)
quickPDF Defines if export to PDF action is available.
quickHTML Defines if export to HTML action is available.
quickXLS Defines if export to XLS action is available.
quickRTF Defines if export to RTF action is available.
canExport Defines if the PDF, HTML, XLS, and/or RTF print actions are available. If canExport is checked and quickPDF, quickHTML, quickXLS, or quickRTF are also checked, the action will be available.