Zoom form entity

A Zoom Form generates a form used to select a value from a list and return the value to the program. It is generally related to a CRUD form field to assist the user with completing the form data entry.

A Zoom form entity is represented as a 4fdz file which can be opened and edited in Form Designer.

When a Zoom form entity is implemented from the diagram (see Implement a form), the 4fdz file is created, as well as 4gl source files that contain the logic to allow a user to pick a value from a list that is displayed in a popup window. See Understanding what gets generated for a list of the generated files.

Any changes to the Zoom form entity properties in the BA diagram or in the 4fdz file are included in the subsequent re-generating of the program code.

The generated code can be customized; see Adding custom code.

Properties can be set to specify how the form should behave during the various states (DISPLAY, SEARCH).