Add Custom Forms

Custom forms rely on you to provide the necessary code.

This task assumes that you have created a BA diagram with a Program entity.

  1. Right-click on the open BA diagram and select New > Custom Form.
  2. Right-click the new form and select either Implement Custom Form or Implement Custom Form from Database from the context menu.
  3. Complete the design of the form and save your changes.
  4. Add and configure the relation from another entity in the BA diagram to your newly created custom form.
    When you add a relation to a custom form, the relation type is set to CustomFormRelation.
  5. Provide custom code for the custom form
    You can add custom code using two methods:
    • code events.
      This is the recommended way to code. You access the On Exec property in the Properties view of the form. Click on the arrow to get to the On Exec code event function the BAM generates. You can add code to this function to perform or modify actions for your custom form. Examine the demo applications for examples of custom code use:
      • In the OfficeStore demo, the OrderLoginCustomForm form provides an example of a custom form implementing a login.
      • In the OfficeStoreMobile demo, the AccountSplash form provides an example of a custom form implementing a splash screen.
      Open these forms from the BA diagram. Under Dialog Events look for the On Exec property, and click on the arrow to get to the example code.
    • the POINT and BLOCK method. This is the legacy method for adding custom code. Prefer the use of code events over this method to add custom code.