List all deployed archives

You can list all deployed archives with a single command.

Before you begin:

Before you can use the Deployment App, you need to configure and enable the Genero Identity Provider (GIP) on your GAS. You use the StarterApp to perform the installation of the GIP. The Deployment App utilizes the Deployment Service. You must select these components in your GIP configuration at the time of installation.

  1. View the list of applications using the Deployment App.
    The Deployment App application is located at http://host:port/gas/ua/r/admin/DeploymentApp.
  2. Or alternatively, use the gasadmin command.

    To list all deployed archives, enter the gasadmin command with the appropriate arguments.:

    gasadmin gar --list-archives

    By default, the results are output in text format. When the console output uses the form of an XML document, it can be easier to parse by other applications than textual output. To output in XML, specify the --xml-output option:

    gasadmin gar --list-archives --xml-output
    The exit status is a 0 (zero) in case of success, 1 in case of error.
    An example of text output for an archive listing:
    Command succeeded.
    2 archives deployed:
      Name : archive1
      State : Disabled
      Description : This is my first archive
          - 22223.xcf
          - 22224.xcf
      Service(s) :
          - 15233.xcf
      Name : archive2
      State : Disabled
      Description : This is my second archive
          - 22315.xcf
      Service(s) :
          - 17746.xcf
          - 19164.xcf
    An example of XML output for an archive listing:
    <DEPLOYMENT success=”TRUE”>
      <ARCHIVE name=”MyArchive” enabled=”TRUE”>
        <DESCRIPTION> This is my first achive </DESCRIPTION>
        <APPLICATION xcf=”MyApp1.xcf” />
        <APPLICATION xcf=”MyApp2.xcf” />
        <SERVICE xcf=”MyServ1.xcf” />
        <SERVICE xcf=”MyServ2.xcf” />
      <ARCHIVE name=”MyArchive2” enabled=”TRUE”>
        <DESCRIPTION> This is my second archive </DESCRIPTION>
        <APPLICATION xcf=”app/MyApp3.xcf” />
        <APPLICATION xcf=”app/MyApp4.xcf” />

    The DEPLOYMENT node may contain some MESSAGE or ERROR nodes.