Configure deployment directories

It is recommended to keep deployed applications and Genero Browser Clients independent of the GAS installation path, particularly if you have more than one GAS installation.

You can configure deployment resources in the GAS configuration file (as.xcf) with paths that are outside the default GAS application path . Change these RESOURCE elements in the GAS configuration file:

Configure a directory to deploy Genero applications or services
$(res.deployment.root). Configure this resource for applications and services you deploy with Genero Archive.
<RESOURCE Id="res.deployment.root" Source="INTERNAL">myindependant_directory/deployment</RESOURCE>
Configure a directory to deploy Genero Browser Clients
$(res.gbc.deployment). Configured this resource for Genero Browser Clients you deploy on the GAS.
<RESOURCE Id="res.gbc.deployment" Source="INTERNAL">myindependant_directory/gbc_deployment</RESOURCE>
It is good practice to follow these recommendations in your application management:
  • Use version details when naming your deployment directories. For example, a directory named "myapps_fglgws-3.20.00" implies that the applications contained within were built with fglgws-3.20.00. Using version details in the directory name helps to ensure that we place a versioned application in the correct directory.
  • Ensure your applications are compiled for the environment they are intended for.

For more information on working with multiple Genero versions, see the Install multiple Genero versions page in the Install and License your Genero Products.