Deploying apps with Genero Archive

A Genero Archive packages applications and services into an single file for deployment to a Genero Application Server (GAS).

The deployment framework provides an interface to:
  • Deploy applications and services packaged into a Genero Archive (gar) file
  • List deployed archives
  • Disable a deployed archive
  • Enable / disable applications and services provided by an archive
  • List enabled / disabled applications and services
  • Undeploy a deployed archive
The deployment of applications and services does not include:
  • Database installation and setup
  • Any Genero software packages installation and setup
  • Any other form of external dependencies
Any operation on Genero Archive MUST be performed in mutual exclusion to ensure the deployment process and archive management safety.

If you are using Genero Studio to deploy with Genero Archive, see the Packaging, deploying, and distributing apps section of the Genero Studio User Guide.