File system layout of deployed archive

A Genero Archive contains application runtime files organized into subdirectories for modules, forms, etc. includes the MANIFEST and application configuration files. The directory structure is recreated when deployed.

When you deploy, the contents of the archive are unpacked in the directory specified by the $(res.deployment.root) resource in the GAS configuration file. If you have not configured this resource, the default resolves to the $(res.appdata.path)/deployment directory.

A dedicated directory is created under the $(res.deployment.root) directory. By default, the deployment tool will use the archive name (without the file extension) as the deployment directory. The directory name is completed with a timestamp representing the installation date.

Genero archive file

If the Genero Archive file included these files (in the same root directory):
  • ./modules/app.42m
  • ./modules/app.42r
  • ./forms/app.42f
  • ./xcf/app.xcf
The directory structure after unpacking the Genero archive would be similar to this, with the current timestamp used:
  • <APPDATA>/deployment/myapp-20190522-123456/MANIFEST
  • <APPDATA>/deployment/myapp-20190522-123456/modules/app.42m
  • <APPDATA>/deployment/myapp-20190522-123456/modules/app.42r
  • <APPDATA>/deployment/myapp-20190522-123456/forms/app.42f
  • <APPDATA>/deployment/myapp-20190522-123456/xcf/app.xcf