Clean up undeployed archives

The deployment tool provides a cleanup command that physically removes undeployed archives. This process is executed on user request.

As a prerequisite ensure that applications you want to remove are not running any more. You can list the running applications with gasadmin session -l. One or more archives have been undeployed.

The cleanup operation will only remove directories in the deployment directory if:
  • The directory name matches a deployment directory name pattern, i.e. archive-name-timestamp
  • The archive directory contains a filename MANIFEST.undeployed.
  1. Run the gasadmin command with the appropriate arguments.

    To clean up all undeployed archives:

    gasadmin gar --clean-archives
    For each undeployed archive, you are asked to confirm the cleanup by entering y to clean up, n to skip and continue to the next undeployed archive.

    By default, the results are output in text format. When the console output uses the form of an XML document, it can be easier to parse by other applications than textual output. To output in XML, specify the --xml-output option:

    gasadmin gar --clean-archives --xml-output

    To disable confirmation for each archive removal, add the --yes option:

    gasadmin gar --clean-archives --yes
    The exit status is a 0 (zero) in case of success, 1 in case of error.
  2. To quit the clean up, enter quit.