Returns the value of a column in the result set produced by the SQL statement.


getResultValue( index INTEGER )
 RETURNS fgl-type
  1. index is the ordinal position of the result set column (starts at 1).
  2. fgl-type is one of the primitive data types.


Call the getResultValue() method to get the value of a column in the result set, after executing the SQL statement with the open() method and fetching a row with fetch().

The method takes the position of the column as the parameter.

The value returned can be assigned to a program variable of the type corresponding to the type name returned by getResultType().

Important: TEXT and BYTE values are returned by reference. In order to get the value of a TEXT or BYTE column, define a variable of this type and assign the getResultValue() return. The returned TEXT or BYTE variable is already located in memory, there is no need to LOCATE the variable before calling getResultValue().
LET p_text = h.getResultValue(3)


DEFINE sh base.SqlHandle, i INT
FOR i=1 TO sh.getResultCount()
    DISPLAY sh.getResultValue(i)

For a complete example, see Example 2: SqlHandle with result set SQL.