Fetches a new row from the SQL result set.




Call the fetch() method to fetch a new row from the SQL result set.

Note: When using a dynamic scroll cursor, the fetch() method can be used to fetch to the next row.

The SQL statement must have been opened with an open() call.

After performing the fetch call, you can query for column information with the getResultCount(), getResultName(index), getResultType(index) and getResultValue(index) methods.

If no row is found (end of result set), sqlca.sqlcode is set to 100 (NOTFOUND).

As with standard Genero SQL instructions, SQL errors can be trapped with WHENEVER ERROR or TRY / CATCH blocks and by testing sqlca.sqlcode.


DEFINE sh base.SqlHandle
CALL sh.fetch()

For a complete example, see Example 2: SqlHandle with result set SQL.