Sets the value of a field controlled by the dialog object.


   name STRING,
   value fgl-type )
  1. name is the name of the field, see Identifying fields in ui.Dialog methods.
  2. value is the value to be set, where fgl-type is one of the primitive data types.


The setFieldValue() method can be used when implementing a dynamic dialog, to set the value of a field:
DEFINE default_address STRING,
       default_creadate DATE
CALL d.setFieldValue( "customer.cust_addr", default_address )
CALL d.setFieldValue( "customer.cust_creadate", default_creadate )

The first parameter defines the field to be set.

In a dynamic dialog controlling a list of records (INPUT ARRAY / DISPLAY ARRAY), this method sets the value for a field in the current row. To fill the list of records before dynamic dialog execution, use setCurrentRow() to set the current row, then set field (cell values) with setFieldValue().

During dialog execution, the setFieldValue() method must only be used to set the value of a field for the current row. In a regular dynamic list dialog, calling the setCurrentRow() method to change the current row before calling setFieldValue() will have no effect. However, when the ON FILL BUFFER event occurs in a DISPLAY ARRAY using the paged mode, the setCurrentRow() method must be used to set the current row before calling setFieldValue() for each field to fill the data page. In this context, a setFieldValue() will produce error -8129, if the current row is not part of the visible page. In a DISPLAY ARRAY using the full list mode, the error -8129 is raised, if there is no current row (when the array is empty).


The following code example implements a FOR loop to copy values of all fields of the d_disparr dialog to the field of the d_recinp dialog:

       h base.SqlHandle,
                  name STRING,
                  type STRING
              END RECORD,
       d_rec ui.Dialog,
       d_list ui.Dialog
    -- Fill the array with rows from an SqlHandle object
    CALL h.open()
    LET row = 0
    CALL h.fetch()
    WHILE status == 0
        -- must set the current row before setting values
        CALL d_list.setCurrentRow("sr_custlist", row:=row+1 )
        FOR i = 1 TO h.getResultCount()
            CALL d_list.setFieldValue( h.getResultName(i), h.getResultValue(i) )
        END FOR
        CALL h.fetch()
    CALL h.close()
    CALL d_list.setCurrentRow("sr_custlist", 1)
    -- Copy field values from d_list to d_rec dialog
    FOR i=1 TO fields.getLength()
        CALL d_rec.setFieldValue( fields[i].name,
               d_list.getFieldValue( fields[i].name )