Returns the value of a field controlled by a dynamic dialog.


   name STRING )
  RETURNS fgl-type
  1. name is the name of the form field, see Identifying fields in ui.Dialog methods.
  2. fgl-type is one of the primitive data types.


The getFieldValue() method can be used when implementing a dynamic dialog, to return the value of a field:
DISPLAY d.getFieldValue( "customer.cust_addr" )

In a dynamic dialog controlling a list of records (INPUT ARRAY / DISPLAY ARRAY), this method returns the value for a field in the current row.

During dialog execution, the getFieldValue() method must only be used to get the value of a field for the current row. In a regular dynamic list dialog, calling the setCurrentRow() method to change the current row before calling getFieldValue() will have no effect. In a DISPLAY ARRAY using the paged mode (ON FILL BUFFER), getFieldValue() returns NULL, if the current row is not part of the visible page. In a DISPLAY ARRAY using the full list mode, a NULL value is returned, if there is no current row (when the array is empty).