Licensing 6.00 new features

Review this topic for information about new features and changes in existing functionality that have been introduced in this release of the Genero Licensing manual.

Table 1. License Controller
Overview Reference
The Four Js License Manager (FLM) and License Controller (fglWrt, greWrt) version 6.00 is compatible with Genero 4.00. See FLM 6.00 upgrade guide.
There are enhancements to how the license controller and the DVM synchronize; the communication between the license controller and the FLM is more effective. No additional reference.
The Genero license controller configuration is no longer implemented by fglprofile; instead, a dedicated license controller configuration file is used (fgllicense, grelicense). See:
There are log configuration enhancements, including options to configure log categories and generate debug logs. Log file names are identified by the license controller name; for example, fglwrt.log. See License logs
Four Js delivers a license string encoding the license details (to include the license number, license key, maintenance number, and login name.) You can install the license using the fglwrt --install-license-string option, pasting the string to install the license.
Tip: You can create a license string from your existing license details using the fglwrt --encode-license-string option.
See License Controller (fglWrt) and License Controller (greWrt) options
The output from batch mode (fglwrt --batch) and batch console (fglwrt --batch-console) commands is written in JSON format to standard out. See License Controller (fglWrt) and License Controller (greWrt) options