Licensing 5.20 new features

Review this topic for information about new features and changes in existing functionality that have been introduced in this release of the Genero Licensing manual.

Table 1. Genero Licenser UI application
Version Overview Reference
The Genero Licenser UI launches a web page in your browser. The UI provides the same service to license your products as the application used in earlier versions. See, for example, Steps to BDL license installation
Table 2. License Controllers (fglWrt, greWrt, grxWrt)
Version 5.20.13 Overview Reference

There is an option to perform some actions such as install/uninstall licenses in batch mode, for example fglwrt --batch. Batch commands can also be run from the tool console, for example fglwrt --batch-console.

See License Controller (fglWrt) and License Controller (greWrt) options