Example: fgllicense

Details of the license controller configuration file with an example configuration for FGLGWS.

License controller configuration files are in the product's etc installation directory. Genero Enterprise and Genero Mobile products are configured by setting values in the fgllicense file. Genero Report Engine (GRE) is configured by setting values in the grelicense file.

Configuration files are in the INI format. Configuration entries are in the format name-of-resource=value. They are grouped under the following categories:
  • [server]
  • [license]
  • [log]
Categories are enclosed in square braces ([ ]). You can write entries under the categories or write them including the category name using dot notation. For example, these entries are the same:
  • [server] 
  • server.host=localhost

If a resource contains a dot, for example, server.host, the license manager ignores the category name ([server]) if present.

For values you need to specify, you can provide these in quotes but quotes are not needed unless the value contains spaces. Quotes can be added or omitted in values without spaces.
You can comment out resources or add comments by writing a pound sign (#) or semi-colon (;) before the text or resource.
 # This is a comment
 ; This is a comment too
Entries that enable or disable features take boolean values. If you uncomment a resource that takes a boolean value, it is the same as activating the resource. For example in the log configuration section, you can set resources that have boolean values as shown:
 enabled            # Enable logs, equivalent to enabled=true, default false
 directory=/tmp     # Directory where log files are stored.
 categories=error,warning,info #,debug  # categories of messages stored.

Example: fgllicense license controller configuration file

; license controller configuration file
# FLM service host

# FLM service port
# port=6800

# License to use with FLM service
 categories= error,warning,info #,debug