Deploy public images

Public images are images such as logos, background images, etc., that are common to all or several of your deployed Genero Browser Client (GBC) applications. If your applications use public images, you need to know how to deploy them correctly.

Public images shared by your applications

At runtime images found in subdirectory paths of the $(res.public.resources) and the $(res.appdata.path)/public/deployment directory will be put in the browser cache where they can be delivered quickly to the front-end without having to access an application's configuration file each time.

Deploying public images

You can deploy public images in either of the following ways:
  • Using the fglgar tool. (Recommended):
    • Before running fglgar, place public images in a specific directory in the application archive.

    • When deploying the Genero Archive (gar) file use the fglgar --resources option to specify the directory in the archive with your public images.

      Tip: If you create your own MANIFEST file and add the RESOURCES element, public images will be deployed without having to use the --resources option with fglgar.
    • The images contained in the archive's resource directory are copied to a directory in the $(res.appdata.path)/public/deployment/ path, for example:
  • Or if not using fglgar, you must then copy your public images by hand into the directory specified in your PUBLIC_IMAGEPATH.
    Important: Public images should not be placed in the /public root directory as the fglrun does not look for images to be served via the GAS there. Searches start in its subdirectory paths, public/common and public/deployment.