Deploy private images

Private images are resources that are only used by one application. There are some considerations for how you deploy them.

Private images

Before deploying, you can place private images in the root directory of the application's archive. Then when you deploy the application with fglgar, they will be placed in the $(res.appdata.path)/deployment directory created for the application.

The fglrun automatically searches for application resources in the application's root directory.

Set an environment variable for FGLIMAGEPATH

If your private images are in subdirectories of the root, you will need to ensure that an environment variable for FGLIMAGEPATH is included in the application's configuration file (.xcf ) and is configured correctly, as shown in the example.
<ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE Id="FGLIMAGEPATH">pics$(res.path.separator)images$(res.path.separator)private$(res.dir.separator)images</ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE>
Tip: Use platform independent path and directory resource separators
  • $(res.path.separator) is a delimiter resource to separate paths. It resolves to either a colon ":" on a UNIX™-like system including macOS™ or a semi-colon ";" on a Windows® system.
  • $(res.dir.separator) is a directory path delimiter resource. It resolves to either a slash "/" on a UNIX-like system including macOS™ or a backward slash "\" on a Windows system.

If there are resources in, for example, both a parent and its subdirectory, you have to specify each directory separately. For more details on FGLIMAGEPATH, see the Genero Business Development Language User Guide.