Resource deployment

Before deploying applications, it is recommended that you plan how images are going to be used by your applications so as to take advantage of the optimization and caching feature provided by the GAS for Web and GDC applications.

For examples, you can divide your images into these two categories:
Public images
Images that are common or that can be shared by all your applications
Private images
Images that are private or specific to an application

Sample application and resource deployment

The following example is provided to show the directory structure of the $(res.appdata.path) used by the deployment framework.

 │     │───deployment
 │     │     │───myApp1_dateTimeStamp (deployed application and private images)
 │     │     │     │───webcomponents (deployed application's Web components)
 │     │───public
 │     │     │───common (default PUBLIC_IMAGEPATH directory containing public images)
 │     │     │      
 │     │     │───deployment 
 │     │     │     │───myApp1 (public images deployed with application by fglgar)