The WEB_COMPONENT_DIRECTORY element specifies the path where Web components for an application are located.


  1. path-list specifies the paths to web component directories.

    It allows for multiple paths to be specified, the separator used between resource paths is a semi-colon, ";".

Child elements

There are no child elements.


You use this element to define paths from where Web components are served. This element value added to the URL builds the path used to find a Web component.

The WEB_COMPONENT_DIRECTORY configuration only applies to Genero Desktop Client (GDC) applications delivered via GAS, and Genero Browser Client (GBC).

If your application is intended for different front-ends, it is recommended that you place files for each Web component in a sub-directory named for the Web component located below a base path for Web components; for example, under a webcomponents directory, along with the other program files.

Typically, the base path for Web components of applications deployed via the GAS is $(application.path)/webcomponents

Note: Genero BDL standard Web components

Genero BDL provides a set of standard Web components in $FGLDIR/webcomponents. If you want to use a standard Genero Web component and you have defined a specific WEB_COMPONENT_DIRECTORY entry in your application configuration file, you must add $(res.fgldir)/webcomponents to the WEB_COMPONENT_DIRECTORY entry.

For more information on working with Web components, see the Web components pages of the Genero Business Development Language User Guide.

Usage example

   <WEB_APPLICATION_EXECUTION_COMPONENT Id="cpn.wa.execution.local">
      <DELEGATE service="MyGroup/MyDelegateService"> ... </DELEGATE>
Important: Element order. If the WEB_COMPONENT_DIRECTORY element is present, it must be set in the correct order within the parent element.

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