File extensions and BAM

Files involved in Business Application Modeling use specific file extensions. Knowing what the acronyms within a file extension reference can help you interpret each of the BAM-related file extension.

A file extension is comprised of acronyms that represent the different aspects of a file; see Table 1.
Table 1. Acronyms within a file extension
Acronym What it represents
fd Form Designer
m Managed Form (CRUD)
ws Web Service
prg Program file that includes a MAIN function
z Zoom Form
c Custom Form
Table 3 lists file extensions that are used by BAM but are not specific to BAM.
Table 3. BAM-related file extensions
File Extension Description
.4pw Project file.
.4ad Action Defaults file.
.4tm Top Menu file.
.4tb Toolbar file.
.4st Presentation Style file.