Presentation styles centralize the style attributes related to the decoration of the graphical user interface elements.

Presentation styles can influence the look-and-feel of a window or form by defining decoration attributes, such as font properties and foreground/background colors. Some style attributes are specific to a given class of widgets; for example, the firstDayOfWeek attribute is specific to DateEdit and DateTimeEdit elements.

The decoration attributes are defined in a separate file, which can be easily modified to customize the application. This file is a Genero presentation style file, a resource file with a .4st extension. The presentation style file must be distributed with other runtime files.

The presentation style topics in this guide detail how to use Studio to preview a form using a specified presentation style file, and how to set the style for a form element. To apply a style file in your Genero application, you must load the style file using the ui.Interface.loadStyles method, as detailed under Presentation styles in the Genero Business Development Language User Guide.