GST 3.00 new features

This publication includes information about new features and changes in existing functionality.


This page covers only those new features introduced with the Genero Studio version specified in the page title. Check prior new features pages if you migrate from an earlier version. Make sure to also read the upgrade guide corresponding to this version.


Please read GST 2.51 new features, for a list of features that were introduced with the Genero Mobile 1.0 release.

Corresponding upgrade guide: GST 3.00 upgrade guide.

These changes and enhancements are relevant to this publication.

Table 1. General
Overview Reference
Genero Studio now supports Genero, Genero Report Writer for BDL, and Genero Mobile from a single installation. N/A
Genero Studio now supports the Genero Browser Client (GBC). See Configure for the Web client.
Genero Studio now supports connecting to the application server using HTTPS. See Configure for the Web client.
Generate a Genero archive (GAR) from Studio, for deployment to the GAS. See Packaging for the GAS
Genero Studio gives the ability to locate a document in the File Browser, in a BA diagram, or in the System File Browser (the file browser of the operating system). The new System File Browser feature facilitates the use of system file explorer integrated tools, such as SVN or Git integration. See Locate a file (starting at Project Manager) or File Browser.
New configuration option for GAS, allowing the ability to run and debug Web services from Genero Studio. See Configure for the Web client.
Table 2. Project Manager
Overview Reference
The properties Web Service and Web Service URL suffix have been added for the Application node, allowing the ability to run and debug Web services from Genero Studio. See Properties of nodes in the Projects view.
Table 3. DB Explorer
Overview Reference
DB Explorer module introduced to view and modify data in database tables and to test SQL query results. With this tool, you can right-click on forms, reports and Web services to view the data. See DB Explorer.
DB Explorer expands support of SQL commands, in addition to SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE. See DB Explorer and Write a SQL query by hand.
Table 4. Meta-Schema Manager
Overview Reference
Enhanced schema view displays database schema modifications at a glance. See Viewing a meta-schema.
Mouse over items in the schema for more detail, to include a summary of schema changes, primary key column details, and more. See Viewing a meta-schema.
Reorder columns using drag-and-drop. See Viewing a meta-schema.
Move columns to another table using drag-and-drop. See Viewing a meta-schema.
HTML meta-schema documentation provides details of all database objects and facilitates global schema review. See Generate meta-schema documentation.
Toggle label display shows or hides foreign key names in the diagram. See Viewing a meta-schema.
Table 5. Genero Mobile
Overview Reference
You can debug an application deployed to a mobile device. With this new feature, the application is running on the mobile device and the Graphical Debugger is able to attach to the process. See Attach the Graphical Debugger to a mobile process
The DBAPP_MOBILE environment variable provides warning messages regarding features not supported by mobile devices during the compilation of applications generated by the Business Application Modeler. See DBAPP_MOBILE.
Table 6. Business Application Modeler
Overview Reference
Publish JSON Web services via the Business Application Modeler. See JSON Web services in BAM.
SOAP Web services enhanced with XML and XSD Schema Serialization attributes. See Web Service entity.
Table 7. Code Editor
Overview Reference
Code Editor supports a horizontal view in the Diff tool, in addition to the vertical view of previous versions. See Using the Diff tool.
Table 8. Form Designer
Overview Reference
Support for new Form properties: keyboardHint, completer, wantFixedPageSize, action, Disclosure Indicator See Form Designer properties.
Support for new DateTimeEdit widget. See DateTimeEdit.
Table 10. Genero Report Writer
Overview Reference
Genero Report Viewer for HTML5 provides a browser equivalent of the Genero Report Viewer. See fgl_report_selectDevice.
A command-line utility checks and upgrades report design documents (.4rp) files in batch. See Update report design documents to the current version.
Report templates provide a wizard-based method for creating report design documents (.4rp) from a generic report design. The wizard allows you to bind repeating sections, add fields, and bind placeholders and parameters from a data schema, in order to create a stand-alone report design document. A library of report templates have been provided, and you can create your own templates. A template expansion mechanism is available as a command line tool, usable from applications for generic reports. See Create and manage report templates.
The report engine now limits the number worker threads in distributed mode, to prevent memory exhaustion in times of critical load. Change the default value (25 threads) with the environment variable GRE_MAX_CONCURRENT_JOBS. See GRE_MAX_CONCURRENT_JOBS
You can now configure the default output directory for the Genero Report Engine with the GREOUTPUTDIR environment variable. See GREOUTPUTDIR.
There is an improved architecture using HTTP for previewing documents in a distributed setup. Besides improvements in performance, the solution no longer requires the installation of a DVM on the remote machine. See Deployment architecture.
Table 11. Genero BDL Reporting APIs
APIs support the Genero Report Viewer for HTML5: See fgl_report_setBrowserDocumentDirectory, fgl_report_setBrowserDocumentDirectoryURL, fgl_report_setBrowserFontDirectory, fgl_report_setBrowserFontDirectoryURL
A new API supports distributed mode. See fgl_report_configureDistributedURLPrefix.
APIs have been introduced to get error details. See Functions to get error details.
A new API can programatically set the value of environment or user-defined variables. See fgl_report_setEnvironment.
Table 12. Genero Report Designer
Overview Reference
Genero Report Designer provides a LastPageFooter section property. See Section (section).
Support of Intelligent Mail bar code type. See intelligent-mail.
New smartParse bar code property for bar code Code-128. When enabled, this allows you to enter the bar code value, and the internal code will be computed for you resulting in the shortest visual representation. See Smart Parse (smartParse) and code-128.
New gs1* bar code aliases. See Bar Code type listing.
Table 13. Graphical Debugger
Overview Reference
You can debug an already running process by attaching to the process. The process can be running locally or on a remote computer. Attaching to a remote process allows you to debug an application at a production site where Genero Studio is not installed. See Debug a running program.
You can debug an application deployed to a mobile device. With this new feature, the application is running on the mobile device and the Graphical Debugger is able to attach to the process. See Attach the Graphical Debugger to a mobile process
You can debug Web services: server, client or both. See Debug a Web services server application.