The DateTimeEdit widget defines a date-time editor widget.

The DateTimeEdit form item type allows the user to edit date-time values with a specific widget for date-time input. A DateTimeEdit field typically provides a calendar and clock widget, to let the end user pick a date and time from it.

The display and input precision (time part with or without seconds) of the DateTimeEdit widget depends from the front-end. On some platforms, native date-time editors do not handle the seconds. Further, some front-ends (especially on mobile devices) deny data types different from DATETIME DAY TO {MINUTE|SECOND}.

To store DateTimeEdit field values, consider using the appropriate data type according to the target front-end (DATETIME YEAR TO SECOND or DATETIME YEAR TO MINUTE).


If the front-end does not support the data type used for the DateTimeEdit field, the runtime system will raise an error and stop the program. Consider testing your application with all type of front-ends.

On some front-end platforms, the native widget used for DateTimeEdit fields allows only pure date-time value input, and therefore cannot be used with a CONSTRUCT instruction, where it must be possible to enter search filters like ">= 2014-01-23 11:00".