Generate meta-schema documentation

You can generate an HTML file that provides documentation on the meta-schema. This file lists the tables, columns, indexes, and foreign keys.


You can also generate meta-schema documentation using the gsdbdoc command.

Any modifications made to the meta-schema are considered as if applied to the database. The documentation will include new objects added to the meta-schema and modifications made to existing objects. Removed objects will not be shown.

  1. Open a meta-schema file (.4db or .4dbx).
  2. Select Database > Generate Schema Documentation.
  3. In the Generate Documentation dialog, you can optionally enter:
    • The output directory.
    • The path of the style (.css) file.
    • The BAM template. Use the dropdown menu to select the environment set that contains the template, or use the file browser to enter the path to the template.
    If you do not specify these options, the documentation is generated in a temporary file and displayed using default styles and the current configuration template.
  4. Click Generate.
    If the Open in default browser checkbox was selected, the documentation is displayed and you can save the page.