Properties of nodes in the Projects view

Properties can be set for the nodes of a project. These properties help to define the component or specify its behavior.

Select a group, application, library, configuration, or file node in the Projects view to see its properties in the Properties view.

See Packaging reference for Package and Directory node properties.

In Figure 1, The Properties view displays the properties for the HelloWorld application node.

Figure: Properties view for an application node

This figure is a screenshot of the Properties view for an Application node.

Table 1 shows the properties and the nodes they apply to. Properties can use Predefined node variables as values.

Table 1. Projects view node properties
Label Group Application Library Configuration File
BinaryName Yes
Command line arguments Yes
Compiler options Yes Yes Yes Yes
Current working directory Yes Yes Yes
Description Yes Yes Yes Yes
Exclude from build Yes Yes Yes
Exclude from compilation Yes
External dependencies Yes Yes
File Path Yes
Language Yes Yes Yes
Linker options Yes Yes Yes
Source Directory Yes
Target Directory Yes Yes Yes
Web Service Yes
Web Service URL suffix Yes