GST 2.40 new features

This topic lists features added for the 2.40 release of Genero Studio.


This page covers only those new features introduced with the Genero Studio version specified in the page title. Check prior new features pages if you migrate from an earlier version. Make sure to also read the upgrade guide corresponding to this version.

Corresponding upgrade guide: GST 2.40 upgrade guide.

Table 1. General
Overview Reference
Update settings in Source Code Manager have been updated. For example, you can now omit externals. See Update / Update All.
You can now add multiple files. See Add files.
The Meta-Schema Manager has been updated for easier editing and viewing. Options have been added in Edit mode, and document errors and warnings are displayed while editing. See Meta-schema Manager.
Multiple views of the same database can be created. See Viewing a meta-schema.
With Business Application Modeling, new business records have been added for reports. See Add a Report Design Document (4rp) to a BAM project.
With Business Application Modeling, an improved editor assists with search and document errors. No further reference.
With Business Application Modeling, new templates for a new architecture and for the generation or report code are provided. See The code generation template set.
With Business Application Modeling, advanced customization is now possible. See BAM Template Developer Guide.
With Business Application Modeling, an integrated code analyzer is provided. See Code Analyzer.
With Report Writer, data matrix barcodes are supported. See Bar Code type details.
With Report Writer, new properties for Text and Image fields allow them to behave as hyperlinks. See Use hyperlinks in a report.
With Report Writer, additional options have been added for Map Charts. See Map Chart
With Report Writer, new report output format for Excel. See Create an Excel spreadsheet report.
With Report Writer, new report output format for Word (rtf). See Create a Microsoft RTF report .
With Report Writer, there is a new function to create a process-level data file and a document at the same time See fgl_report_setProcessLevelDataFile.
With Report Writer, there are new functions to create document metadata for compatibility reports See Report Design Document metadata.
With Report Writer, there are new functions to provide generic report auto-formatting when no report design document (4rp) is specified for a report See Auto-formatting reports without 4rp.
With Report Writer, there are additional new report API functions, indicated by a "New in 2.40" designation. See Reporting API Functions.
Additional support for application rendering with the Genero Web Client. See Genero Configuration Management dialog.
You can now import configuration setup and preferences of earlier versions of Genero Studio when you first start up a new installation of Genero Studio. See General Preferences.
For ease of use, the Window menu allows you to select the default layout, and you can toggle Full Size Documents or Full Screen to maximize your working space No further reference.
States of previous sessions are remembered. See Workspaces Configuration.
Support of high contrast mode and of Windows® screen readers for accessibility standards. See Configuring Genero Studio
Multiple instances of Genero Studio can be opened simultaneously. See Configuring Genero Studio
Various performance improvements have been implemented. No further reference.