BAM Template Developer Guide

Genero Studio comes with a set of templates used with the Business Application Modeler (BAM) for the code generation. You are free to customize these templates or create your own templates so that the generated application meets your requirements.

You can customize and configure Genero Studio and the Business Application Modeler to generate the application you want to build, the way you want to build it.

For example you may find that instead of adding POINT or BLOCK code repeatedly for each application, you want to use a template that generates your customized code. Or, perhaps you want to add custom properties to a modeling diagram.

Options for modifying templates or creating new templates can be categorized in this order of complexity.
Table 1. Options for modifying templates
Option Types of modifications
Modify a generated application without touching templates.
Modify the default template files.
  • Add, remove, or change diagram properties
  • Change generated 4gl code
Customize template files.