Workspaces Configuration

The Workspaces Configuration page sets preferences for the workspace and views arrangement of Genero Studio.

To access the preferences page, select Tools > Preferences (or, if you are on a Mac, > Preferences), then select Workspaces from under the General node.

Documents on Startup

Select the Open last session documents on startup checkbox to restore the last documents you had open when you start the next Genero Studio session.


A workspace refers to the organization and visibility of views when opened in the local Genero Studio.

The Default category provides three pre-defined workspaces, each serving a different purpose:

Displays the most common views needed for day-to-day application development: Projects, Structure, Properties, Output and Tasks.
Removes some of the common views to focus on the Debugger; automatically switches the workspace when starting and stopping a debug session. Keeps track of the current workspace and the one used while debugging, and switches between them when a debug session is started or stopped.
Displays the current document and the Project Manager to focus on document editing.

The User category is for any user-created workspaces. A user-created workspace is first created by duplicating an existing workspace. Only workspaces in the User category can be renamed or deleted.

The Restore default workspaces button restores the layout of the workspaces in the Default category.