GST 2.40 upgrade guide

Version 2.40 migration notes.


This is an incremental upgrade guide that covers only topics related to the Genero Studio version specified in the page title. Check prior upgrade guides if you migrate from an earlier version. Make sure to also read about the new features for this version.


This version of GST is desupported, use a more recent version of the product.

Corresponding new features page: GST 2.40 new features.

The format of all Genero Studio XML files (4fd, 4rp, 4pw etc.) has been modified, and you will receive a warning if you execute an application compiled using Genero Studio versions 2.2x or 2.3x. For Genero Report Writer reports only, an error will occur if you have not converted the 4rp file. Opening a file in Genero Studio and saving it will convert it.

Form Designer

For Genero Studio form definition files (4fd), the gsform command-line tool can be used for a batch conversion of the files to version 2.40:

gsform -c <files>

Application Generation

The format of the settings.agconf file in the templates directory (<Studio-install-dir>/gst/bin/src/ag/tpl/dbapp/settings.agconf) has changed. If you have previously modified this file, you must make comparable changes in the 2.40 version of this file.