Steps to GRE license installation

Preparing to license involves evaluating your options based on what licensing tool (GUI or command line) is available to you, and whether you can validate the installed license with Four Js over the internet. Choose the option that is right for you.

Before you begin Genero product licensing:
  1. Locate your email message that contains the following:
    • product license string
    • product license key
    • product license number
    • product maintenance or subscription key
    • your customer code
    If you do not have this email, contact your local Four Js sales office.
  2. Decide which tool (GUI or command line) you are using to install the license:
    • Genero Report Engine Licenser (GUI application)
    • greWrt (command line tool).
  3. Determine if you have internet access from the machine you are licensing the product.
  4. Use Table 1 to select which procedure to follow.
Table 1. Options for licensing
You are using ... Then ...
Genero Report Engine Licenser with internet See License GRE using GUI and internet.
Genero Report Engine Licenser without internet. See Licence GRE using GUI without internet.
grxWrt command line tool with internet. See License GRE from the command line (via internet).
grxWrt command line tool without internet. See License GRE from the command line (no internet).