Paths to application resources

There are specific directories in the appdata path for application resources used by the DVM. Resources are defined in the GAS for these paths.

Starting with Genero 3.00, three new predefined resources have been added:
This is a public resource path for all applications. At dispatcher start up, the public directory is created with write permissions (if it doesn't already exists). It contains two subdirectories:
  • common
  • deployment
These directories will contain public images (that is images common to all applications) that are cacheable by the browser and from where they can be delivered quickly to the front-end without having to access an application's configuration file each time.
Note: To ensure that resources are cacheable by the browser, the default public resource settings, /public and /public/common, are not configurable.
This is a resource for public or common resources such as images used by applications. It resolves to $(res.appdata.path)/public/common
This is a resource where the GAS stores files temporarily during file transfer. It resolves to $(res.appdata.path)/tmp/$(