Create MANIFEST file

Create your MANIFEST file.

When using fglgar to deploy applications, a MANIFEST file is created automatically for applications specified with the --application and/or --service option.

If you have many applications to package, you may find it easier to first create the MANIFEST by hand as described in this procedure.

  1. Create a text file called MANIFEST in the root of your archive directory.
  2. Add APPLICATION and SERVICE elements for each application and/or service that you need and specify their configuration files.

    If your configuration files (xcf) were in the /xcf directory of your archive, you would specify the element as shown in the example.

    In this example the RESOURCES element specifies that your applications' public images are in a dedicated directory of your archive directory.

      <DESCRIPTION>This archive contains one app and one service</DESCRIPTION>
      <APPLICATION xcf='xcf/app.xcf'></APPLICATION>
      <SERVICE xcf='xcf/webserviceApp.xcf'></SERVICE>
What to do next

When you have completed the above steps, your next task is to Create Genero Archive from MANIFEST.