Attach files with WSAttachment and WSMedia

In GWS REST attachments are handled via the WSAttachment and WSMedia attributes.

If a parameter has a WSAttachment attribute, the REST engine treats the parameter value as a path to a file to be attached, while the data format of the file can be specified in the WSMedia attribute.

Attaching files in request and response

In this sample REST function, an image file is sent to the server in the request and another image is returned to the client. The wildcard (image/*) in WSMedia allows for all image types. If the file can be any type, WSMedia is not specified with WSAttachment.

The format is chosen according to that specified in the Accept or Content-Type headers. You code in your function to replace the image/* placeholder in the Accept or Content-Type header with the actual value. This can also be done using the WSContext attribute to set the header.


PUBLIC FUNCTION EchoFile( input STRING ATTRIBUTES (WSAttachment,WSMedia = "image/*") )
  RETURNS STRING ATTRIBUTES (WSAttachment, WSMedia = "image/*")
    LET ok = os.path.rename(input, "MyFile.png")
    RETURN "/usr/local/MyOtherFile.jpg"