Transfer data in large objects

Use the BYTE and TEXT data types to transfer large objects (LOBs) with a Genero RESTful web service.

Specify an input or return parameter of a Web service function as a TEXT or BYTE type in order to transfer a large object (LOB) to a web service server or client.

Which object to use

Situation Data type to use
Your web service transfers binary file contents.

For example: an image, PDF, zip file, etc.

You have a binary large object (BLOB) stored in a table and your web service must write it out to a file.

For example, an image.

Your web service transfers ASCII content.

For example: text, HTML, etc.


This method transfers data in the message body.


To send a LOB from a REST client function you must, LOCATE it in memory or file to load the data before calling the server function. On the server REST function, you do not need to locate the input parameters TEXT/BYTE types as they are implicitly located in memory when the server function is called. See code samples in Upload a large object in the request body.