PAGE item type

Defines the content of a folder page.

PAGE item basics

A PAGE form item type groups other form elements together, to define a folder page of a parent FOLDER form item.

Defining an PAGE

A PAGE form item can only be a child of a FOLDER form item.

By default, PAGE form items are used to group elements for decoration only.

Use the TABINDEX attribute of form fields inside the folder page, to define which field gets the focus when a folder page is selected.

The TEXT attributes defines the label of the folder page. Consider using localized strings for this attribute.

The IMAGE attribute can be used to specify which image to use as an icon.

Controlling forms using folder pages

To control a form with folder pages, use a DIALOG instruction block, where each sub-dialog controls a specific folder page. A folder PAGE can define an ACTION attribute, to bind an ON ACTION action handler, and detect that the folder page is selected (this is however to be used in specific cases).

For more details, see Folders.

Where to use a PAGE

A PAGE form item can be defined as a PAGE container in a LAYOUT tree.