TEXT attribute

The TEXT attribute defines the label associated with a form item.


TEXT = [%]"string"
  1. string defines the label to be associated with the form item, with the % prefix it is a localized string.


The TEXT attribute is used to define the label of a form item, for example for a CHECKBOX form field or a BUTTON action view.

Consider using localized strings with the %"string-id" syntax, if you plan to internationalize your application.

This attribute is also an action attribute that can be defined in the ACTION DEFAULTS section of a form or directly in an action view (BUTTON), see TEXT action attribute for more details.

The TEXT attribute may be used for accessibility, if a screen reader is available on the front-end side. For more details, see Screen readers.


-- As form action default
  ACTION print (TEXT="Print")

-- As a CHECKBOX label
CHECKBOX cb01 = FORMONLY.checkbox01, 
                TEXT="OK" ... ;

-- As a BUTTON label
BUTTON b1: print, TEXT="Print";