IMAGE attribute

The IMAGE attribute defines the image resource to be displayed for the form item.


IMAGE = "resource"
  1. resource defines the file name, path or URL to the image source.


The IMAGE attribute is used to define the image resource to be displayed for form items such as a BUTTON, BUTTONEDIT, a TOOLBAR button, or a static IMAGE item.

For more details about image resource specification, see Providing the image resource.

This attribute is also an action attribute that can be defined in the ACTION DEFAULTS section of a form or directly in an action view (BUTTON), see IMAGE action attribute for more details.


-- As action default
  ACTION print (IMAGE="printer")

-- In a form buttonedit or button
BUTTONEDIT f001 = FORMONLY.field01, IMAGE = "zoom";
BUTTON b01: open_file, IMAGE = "buttons/fileopen";
BUTTON b02: accept, IMAGE = "http://myserver/images/accept.png";

-- In a static image form item
IMAGE: img1, IMAGE = "mylogo.png"