TABINDEX attribute

The TABINDEX attribute defines the tab order for a form item.


TABINDEX = integer
  1. integer defines the order of the item in the tab sequence.


This attribute can be used to define the order in which the form items are selected as the user "tabs" from field to field.

To take TABINDEX attributes into account in dialogs, the program must defined the form tabbing order with the OPTIONS FIELD ORDER FORM instruction. Alternatively, a dialog can use the FIELD ORDER FORM option as well.

TABINDEX can be set to zero in order to exclude the form item from the tabbing list. The item can still get the focus with the mouse.


TABINDEX values must be unique in a form. Except when using zero.

The TABINDEX attribute can also be used to define which field must get the focus when a FOLDER page is selected.

By default, form items get a tab index dep ending on the order in which they appear in the LAYOUT section.

For more details, see Defining field tabbing order method


EDIT f001 = customer.fname, TABINDEX = 1;
EDIT f002 = customer.lname, TABINDEX = 2;
EDIT f003 = customer.comment,
     TABINDEX = 0; -- Excluded from tabbing list