Licensing 5.19 new features

Review this topic for information about new features and changes in existing functionality that have been introduced in this release of the Genero Licensing manual.

Table 1. License Controllers (fglWrt, greWrt, grxWrt)
Version 5.19.26 Overview Reference
Starting from version 5.19.26, license logs can be enabled for the license controller. See License logs
Version 5.19.10 Overview Reference
Starting from version 5.19.10, when licensing from the command line using the fglWrt -l, greWrt -l, or grxWrt -l , the maintenance key can be installed after the installation key. See License BDL from the command line (via internet)
The Genero license installed on a machine hosting Docker can be assigned to applications on a running docker container. See License Controller (fglWrt) Please see the license sharing topic in the Install and License your Genero Products 3.20 User Guide .
Version 5.19.01 Overview Reference
For local licensing, starting with version 5.19.01, there is an option to drop the session referenced by a specified process id. See Drop session